Sara Mellor DO
Registered Osteopath
Established 1996

01621 856262

Wentworth House
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Essex CM9 6HD
Osteopathy in Maldon - treatment for improving posture. Maldon Osteopathy - sports injury treatment. Osteopathic Clinic - rehabilitation to full pysical fitness Osteopathic treatment for the elderly and children

Osteopathy is a valuable preventive measure as well as a proven means of reducing pain and improving posture; in turn, these benefits impact positively upon other areas and systems of the body.

Sports injuries such as strains and sprains are frequently treated by osteopaths; this often forms an integral part of a sportspersons recovery and rehabilitation programme and can help to restore the body to full physical fitness in a shorter period of time.

The range of conditions which may be treated by osteopathy is vast and covers complaints common in children, right up to those which commonly affect elderly people.